The "Sevens" EP

by Al Bundie's Army

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released December 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Al Bundie's Army St Louis, Missouri

we play short, catchy songs.

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Track Name: Slutty Cobra
lyrics by Sam Evans

I'm a monster, you're a bitch
With a diseased, rotten clit
You think you're great, you think you're grand
But you're just a fucking cunt that I can't fucking stand

You think you're special
That's it
You think you're special
I think you're full of shit

You're so cool, you're so slick
You make me so fucking sick
You've got bullshit behind each eye
And at your funeral, I'll laugh, not cry

Track Name: Grey and Green
lyrics by Sam Evans

I'm hanging off of one little thread,
Dangling over hell
If you came here to save me,get the fuck out
This is me killing myself

Maybe you see it, maybe you don't
But theres something deep inside of me
Much more than a monster, much more than a beast
It's something no one should see

And I cannot control
The rage in my own soul
And if you think you can be mean
Just remember my soul is grey and green

I tried too hard to be a friend
I push em all away cause I fuck up in the end
And I don't really care what happens to me
So obvious,so plain to see

So to people like me they don't get too close
Because people like me just turn into ghosts

Track Name: Only Children Suffer
lyrics by Sam Evans

You take a pill & you stare in the mirror
Thinkin that you're seein the whole world clearer
Sure there's people dying but that don't concern you
Aside from that,well what the fuck can you do?

So the plauges keep coming and the bombs keep dropping
But you're content to just keep on shopping
Unaware of the grizzly truth that the next child dying might belong to you AND

Only children suffer
Only children suffer for our mistakes
Forced to hide-hide away
From a world that wont let them play and

Only children suffer

But you don't see the truth, you don't see the light
In your ignorance, you think that you're right
Blind to the fact that you're a hypocrite
And because of your beliefs, there's another dead kid

You go to church each & every Sunday
You know you're righteous,at least that's what you say
You can't be bothered by the death abroad
As if because they're not Christians, they're abandoned by god?!?!

Track Name: Say Goodbye
lyrics by Sam Evans

Oh baby, it's easy to stay when they please thee
But you know you're always right, so you run from the first fight
You don't know the difference if I'm sarcastic or I meant it
So you damn them all to hell and you wonder "Whats that smell?"

But you lack compassion and understanding
You wont admit that you are always running
You're scared to death of the face in the mirror
And you took that out on me

Maybe I'm crazy but no more than lazy
Yes I am a clown but even clowns breakdown
You say that you need me but then you just bleed me
Robotic rebounding as if it was nothing

But you hate yourself and all of your sorrow
You act like self-worth is something you can borrow
All the times I was your hero
And you just walked away

So Say goodbye


Say goodbye

I thought about quitting
Just for you
I considered changing everything
Just for you
But then I saw whats behind those eyes
Just another scar
Now I'm happy that you walked away
We didn't get too far

So say goodbye